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Re: Hello from White Light by White Light

Rules for participation on Baha'i Answer Forum

Started by Tony Bristow-Stagg, Apr 18, 2022, 11:23 AM

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Tony Bristow-Stagg


The Baha'i Answer Forum is individual Baha'i Initiative and not an authority of or for the Baha'i Faith. All views expressed on the Baha'i Writings and/or other Scriptures on this site are individual opinions.

1) All quoted scriptures and Authorised Writings stand upon their own merit and shall be referenced. If they are quoted to support a view, they must have accurate references and/or posted links to where the material was sourced.

2) All members who join only to post advertising, spamming links, or inappropriate material, will have their account deleted. If the material is suspected as being pornograthic in content, this will include an immediate ban. This action is up to the discretion of any Admin or Moderator, as most of the links will not be opened.

3) All posts are to be made in English. Quotes in other languages must be given with an applicable English translation. This is needed for moderation and all posts not following these guidelines will be deleted and can result in the removal of the member account. This includes the setting up of an account to only post a link in the Signature field.

4) TBA as site grows.
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